About Villao

VILLAO is a women’s ready-to-wear apparel house. Based in Denmark, the brands inspiration is to make timeless designs with the ultimate quality so that styles from previous seasons can complement with future seasons. The aim is to create a women’s wardrobe full of diligent craftmanship and flawless materials.

VILLAO was founded by Elisabeth Villao in 2010. 

Cashmere care

Take good care of your new cashmere style.

Peeling: Peeling may occur (especially where friction happens) e.g. under the arms or along the sides. If peeling occurs, remove it carefully with your finger before washing. After 2-3 washes it won't occur anymore.

In-order to avoid unnecessary peeling avoid friction on your cashmere especially from synthetic materials e.g. synthetic tags in the side of your outerwear, belts and shoulder straps from bags.

Washing and drying: The cashmere is best washed at 30 degrees on wool program or carefully hand washed. When washing a thinner cashmere style we recommend using a good quality zipper wash bag.

Liquid soap appropriate for wool is used for washing.

After washing, the cashmere is laid flat for drying. Do not hang or lay directly on a heat source.

If you want the cashmere completely smooth after drying it can be carefully steamed with steam iron or regular steamer. Use if necessary, a cloth between your cashmere and your steam iron.